23 June 2023 | Brief

SNAP Overview Brief June 2023


  • Conducted by YouGov under commission of Investing in Women (IW), this study examines the social norms, attitudes and practices (SNAP) of urban millennials in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. The study focused on four key areas: childcare and housework, earning family income, job segregation, and leadership at work.

    The findings revealed that while there is progress in attitudes towards childcare responsibilities, traditional views persist in terms of breadwinning and job segregation. Younger millennials generally held more progressive attitudes than their older counterparts, and there were country variations, with Indonesia showing more traditional views compared to the Philippines and Vietnam. The survey also highlighted the importance of parental modeling in shaping individuals’ behavior, the influence of media in promoting gender equality, and the need for advocacy campaigns to reinforce positive role modeling and non-traditional practices.

    The survey emphasised the importance of positive role modeling, media representation, and addressing pluralistic ignorance to encourage change towards gender equality.

    1. Introduction
    2. Key Findings
    3. Gender Equality at Home on the Rise
    4. Influence of Gender Norms on Equality at Work
    5. Women Keen to Lead in the Workplace
    6. Job segregation in flux
    7. Lessons for Encouraging Change towards Gender Equality


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