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Gender Equality and Women’s Issues in Vietnam: The Vietnamese Woman — Warrior and Poet

Feminist advocacy can easily get entangled in party politics in Vietnam, a single-party state where arguably any form of social advocacy may be viewed with suspicion. The paper notes that evidence exists in Vietnamese heritage of a positive collective identity urging Vietnamese women to take the lead in society and to resist gender injustice. Gender ...

Women’s Entrepreneurship Development in Vietnam

Some provisions in the Gender Equality Law are inconsistent with other parts of the legal framework, such as the early retirement for women stipulated in the Labour Code. Such contradictions indicate that policies to support women-led enterprises and enterprises employing large numbers of women exist largely only on paper.

Gender Division of Household Labor in Vietnam

Men’s increased contribution in domestic roles does not correspond with a decreased burden in women’s housework. The report cautions against pointing to men’s increased participation in household budget management as an encouraging sign: Instead of indicating gender egalitarianism, husbands in recent cohorts might have wanted to manage the household budget more than ...

Gender-related Obstacles to Vietnamese Women Entrepreneurs

Despite Vietnamese women’s higher educational attainment and income, they still don’t get to access the same opportunities as men and they’re still considered responsible for household tasks.

Estimating the Costs of Domestic Violence Against Women in Viet Nam

All forms of violence against women cost the Vietnamese economy around USD 2.1 billion or 1.78% of GDP in 2012.

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