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Eliminating Discriminatory Workplace Practices

Discrimination against women in the workplace is a persistent structural and social issue that can start as early as the hiring process.

State of the Worlds Fathers 2019: Unlocking the Power of Men’s Care

The third State of the World’s Fathers report reveals new research on men’s caregiving from 11 countries, with additional cross-country analysis of data from over 30 countries.

Expanding paternity leave in South East Asia

The benefits of paternity leave extend to parents, children and business. When fathers take paternity leave, mothers benefit through increased childcare support, additional time to heal after childbirth, additional emotional support, a reduction in stress and a smoother transition back to work. The business case for paternity leave is also compelling. Paternity leave policies signal ...

The business case for change

This report shows that gender diversity is a smart business strategy: the lack of gender diversity may act as a barrier to enhanced business performance.

Counting Women’s Work in the Philippines

The value of women’s unpaid work in the Philippines is worth trillions of pesos, according to a senior research fellow of the country’s premier think tank Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS).

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