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Milestones and small victories: Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Magna Carta of Women and marking progress for BPfA+25

30 September 2019

It has been a decade since the Magna Carta of Women was passed, which presented the perfect opportunity for the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) to pose the question: What ...

Australian Diplomat Allaster Cox on the economic benefits of gender equality in Indonesia

30 September 2019

Allaster Cox, Deputy Head of Mission of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, shares his views on workplace gender equality and closing the gender gap in Indonesia.

Family-responsive workplaces benefit employees and companies

29 July 2019

Employers can increase worker productivity by implementing and promoting family-friendly policies for both women and men, the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) said, as it launched a new ...

Vietnam’s Labour Code Reform: Why it matters for gender equality

24 June 2019

Investing in Women supports gender reforms in Vietnam’s Labour Code to empower women and men for the future of work.

10 Youth Ambassadors Navigate Early Careers in Male-Dominated Fields

26 April 2019

Young individuals who are exposed to role models in non-traditional fields tend to have more positive attitudes towards non-traditional careers and are more driven in pursuing their job aspirations and ...

Why companies should advance parental leave

15 April 2019

Leave policies that complement inclusive, family-friendly workplace practices help companies send a clear message that they care about the well-being of the people who power their business.

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