2 April 2019 | Report

Women in the Philippine C-Suite

Workplace Gender Equality


This report studies factors that affect gender diversity in the Philippine C-Suite and offers best practices for equal gender representation.

It examines the four key interplaying factors – individual, family, corporation culture and societal pressures – that puts a pressure to the rise of women in the corporate ladder.

This report also offers insights from CEOs who are leading the women leadership advocacy, as well as offers recommendations for companies to consider to improve gender diversity in their workplaces.

This report was commissioned by the Philippines Business Coalition for Women’s Empowerment and the Makati Business Club, with support by Investing in Women.


  • Gender diversity in the Philippine C-Suite is shaped by long-standing history and cultural practices, as well as personal choices and family expectations.
  • The study insights imply the need to design bottom-to-top programs to raise the awareness and keep up with changing realities as to how men and women address the needs of their families and careers
  • Three key areas for achieving gender diversity in the Philippine C-Suite: CEOs need to set the pace for company policies and implement gender diversity and inclusion as a company-wide effort; companies need to shift company culture to allow women and men employees to reflect and make better-informed strategic decisions about their target roles/jobs; and interest groups and organisations need to strengthen stake-holding and collaboration to develop holistic and comprehensive approaches to institute changes.

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