23 June 2023 | Report

Measuring the Impact of Gender Norms Campaigns in Southeast Asia – Quantitative Analysis


This report provides a quantitative analysis of the impact of IW gender norms campaigns on urban millennials in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The program aimed to address gender norms that impede women’s economic opportunities by partnering with local organizations and leveraging social and online media campaigns. It employed a comparative approach composed of population-level change, campaign-level change, and panel-level change to measure the impact of campaign materials. The results revealed positive shifts in attitudes towards job segregation, leadership roles, childcare responsibilities, and breadwinning norms, indicating the success of the campaigns in challenging traditional perspectives.

The quantitative analysis, reinforced by insights from the Insights Panel participants, solidly demonstrates the effectiveness of the IW program’s partner campaigns in fostering positive shifts in attitudes and behaviors among urban millennials in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, regarding gender norms. Recommendations were made for future campaign measurement which include a two-layer approach for a repeat of an experimental MEL approach, a more tailored approach to its MEL for programs with multiple campaign partners, and additional support for campaign partner level.

  1. Program Context
  2. Methodology for comparative analysis
  3. Results of comparison of Insights Panel with SNAP
  4. Results of comparison of partner campaigns with SNAP
  5. Overall findings
  6. Recommendations for future campaign measuremen


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