19 August 2020 | Brief

Leading to success: The business case for women in business and management

Business Case, Women in Business, Women in Leadership, Workplace Gender Equality


The reports on the business case for women in business and management in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam emphasise the positive impact of gender diversity on organisational performance and profitability. They explore the challenges and opportunities in increasing women’s participation in business leadership roles. Key findings include enhanced business outcomes through gender diversity initiatives, the growing female talent pool, and the importance of creating gender-inclusive organizational cultures. The reports provide actionable recommendations for businesses to promote gender equality and capitalise on the benefits of a diverse workforce.


  • Indonesia: Gender diversity improves business outcomes; challenges in attracting and retaining skilled female staff; need for flexible work arrangements and reducing the gender pay gap.
  • Philippines: Positive impact of women in management on organizational performance; increasing female leadership in business; importance of supportive policies and inclusive culture.
  • Vietnam: Gender diversity leads to better business performance; women overrepresented in temporary employment; need for gender-inclusive policies and leadership opportunities.

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Published by: International Labour Organization, Investing in Women

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