10 August 2020 | Report

Impact of COVID-19 on the private sector

COVID-19 and WEE, Workplace Gender Equality


The reports on the impact of COVID-19 on the private sector in Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam reveal significant challenges faced by businesses and employees, including financial insecurity, reduced working hours, and mental health pressures due to increased domestic responsibilities. The reports highlight the need for supportive employer policies and ongoing research to inform effective responses. Despite these challenges, there are opportunities for business adaptation and growth in leveraging digital platforms. The pandemic has also catalysed shifts towards remote working and new e-commerce markets.


  • Vietnam: Significant reduction in working hours and pay cuts; increased stress and mental health concerns due to intensified domestic responsibilities.
  • Philippines: Financial instability and job losses; businesses adopting flexible work arrangements and digital platforms to mitigate impacts.
  • Indonesia: Economic pressures and reduced income; strong negative impact on mental health, with both men and women facing increased domestic burdens.
  • Myanmar: Financial disruption for half of the businesses; increased remote work and digital market opportunities, with ongoing challenges in productivity and mental health.

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Published by: Investing in Women, UN Women, University of Sydney

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