28 June 2021 | Fact Sheet

Impact of COVID-19 on private sector employees in Vietnam – 2021


Key findings


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a significant impact on private sector employees in Vietnam:


  • Workers’ productivity has continued to recover since the early impacts of the pandemic. However, in the December 2020 survey, 18% of workers still reported lower productivity compared with the pre-pandemic situation, and 63% were considering working less, as a result of the negative impacts they have experienced.
  • Over half (55%) of workers reported worse mental well-being, and 41% of workers reported worse physical well-being, both increases compared with the May 2020 survey. Older workers reported more resilient mental and physical health than younger employees.
  • Employees attributed these negative impacts mostly to anxiety about the situation, financial and family concerns, as well as exhaustion from increased domestic burdens and inability to exercise.
  • The majority of women (82%) and men (77%) report having more responsibility at home, for housework and/or caring for children and other relatives.
  • Despite some improvement between surveys, over half of workers (55%) are still receiving lower pay. Younger, lower-income, and less senior workers are more likely to suffer losses in income.
  • Almost all impacts of COVID-19 are worse for service sector workers, particularly hotel and restaurant workers, whose businesses have been most affected by lockdowns.
  • However, over half of employees reported that COVID-19 has also brought positive changes to their work life. Access to flexible work arrangements was reported by 61% of women and 55% of men as the most popular positive change.
  • In this survey, women and men reported that COVID-19 has affected them in similar ways.


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