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Eliminating Discriminatory Workplace Practices

Investing in Women


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Fact Sheet

Workplace Gender Equality

Gender-based discrimination

Eliminating Discriminatory Workplace Practices

Eliminating Discriminatory Workplace Practices

Discrimination against women in the workplace is a persistent structural and social issue that can start as early as the hiring process. This gender-based discrimination results in lost opportunities for women and global losses in wealth, especially in East Asia and the Pacific.

This fact sheet identifies some of the ways in which gender-based discrimination manifests in the workplace. For example, men are often preferred for more technical and highly skilled jobs, while women are often preferred for support work. Men are also evaluated more on their potential, while women are evaluated more on their actual performance.

In Vietnam, a majority of job postings indicate gender preference.  In the Philippines, women are still asked about their plans to start a family during the recruitment process. While legal steps have been taken to eliminate gender-based discrimination in the workplace, there is still much room for improvement.

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Investing in Women