23 August 2016 | Brief

Exploring Cross-industry Connectedness in Corporate Governance Networks in Southeast Asia

Workplace Gender Equality


This series of briefs explores industry networks and corporate governance in Southeast Asia, focusing on board interlocks and gender diversity.

Focusing on Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, each brief explores how directors serving on multiple boards create interconnected corporate networks, reflecting on how these networks influence corporate and industry-level decisions. Key themes include the resilience of these networks to changes in the business environment, their role in strategy formulation, and their impact on gender diversity in corporate governance.

The studies highlight the prevalence of male dominance in these roles and the strategic importance of connectors who bridge multiple industries, thereby shaping corporate and economic landscapes.

This series of briefs is published by the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre at the University of Sydney, commissioned by Investing in Women.


  • Indonesia: The corporate governance network of the top 100 corporations shows significant fragmentation, with only 10% of individual commissioners holding multiple board seats, and a high degree of gender disparity among these ‘connectors’.
  • Philippines: The Philippine corporate governance network is highly interconnected, with over 90% of top corporations forming a large network. Gender diversity remains a challenge, with 89% of connectors being male, suggesting a need for greater inclusion of women in corporate leadership.
  • Vietnam: Vietnam’s corporate governance network shows a moderate level of interconnectedness, with 43% of directors holding multiple board seats. The gender composition is skewed towards men, with 83% of connectors being male, indicating opportunities to improve gender diversity in corporate governance.

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