22 March 2021 |

Closing the Gender Gap: An Inventory of Philippine Policies on Women in the Workplace


The Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE) has released a digital version of their first research publication, Closing the Gender Gap: An Inventory of Philippine Policies on Women in the Workplace. The document serves as a guide for the private sector, particularly for human resource (HR) practitioners, on gender-related policies and laws until 2019.
This document covers policies on the formal economy that directly or indirectly affect women. It also discusses relevant international treaties, national laws and plans and department orders, presented under recurring themes: overall gender frameworks, anti-discrimination, protection from harassment and violence, maternity benefits, recognition and redistribution of unpaid care work, occupational safety and health, women’s representation in leadership positions, and entrepreneurship.
Well-crafted laws and policies that protect women’s rights and promote women’s economic empowerment and welfare are crucial in closing the gender gap. Although the Philippines has made strides in policymaking and legislation, there are still areas for improvement. Closing the Gender Gap not only presents a comprehensive list of existent laws and policies, but also provides recommendations for stakeholders—government, private sector, and civil society and non-government organisations—to address the factors that are holding back gender equality.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
1: Introduction
2: Barriers to Closing the Gender Gap
3: Addressing Gender Equality in the Workplace
4: Philippine Policies on Gender Equality in the Workplace
5: Recommendations
6: Bibliography
Annex A: List of Philippine Gender Policies Arranged by Type and Year (With Details)
Annex B: Moving Forward: Recently Passed Laws in 2018 and 2019
The publication, co-authored by PBCWE and the Philippine Women’s Economic Network Inc., and published with the support of Australian Government initiative Investing in Women, is available for a fee. For inquiries, contact PBCWE Communications at communications@pbcwe.com.


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