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Workplace Gender Equality Impact Report of BCGE (2018-2021)

Business Coalition for Gender Equality




Workplace Gender Equality

Workplace Gender Equality Impact Report of BCGE (2018-2021)

Workplace Gender Equality Impact Report of BCGE (2018-2021)

The Business Coalition for Gender Equality (BCGE) has released its Workplace Gender Equality Impact Report, covering 2018 to 2021. The report provides an overview of the achievements made by BCGE in promoting and advancing gender equality in Myanmar’s workplaces.

The report outlines how gender equality is addressed through BCGE’s project work and its engagement with partners. It highlights the need for gender-responsive public policies; it calls attention to critical issues such as wage discrimination, workplace safety, sexual harassment, access to education and health services, unpaid care labor, and others.

The report also outlines how BCGE has been actively engaging in capacity-building activities, such as training sessions and workshops on gender equality and women’s rights. These activities have been targeted at government officials, local businesses, civil organizations, and members.

Additionally, the report shows how BCGE has provided technical assistance and support to partners to help them become more gender-sensitive. These initiatives have helped improve relationships between genders in the workplace, reducing wage gaps and other inequalities.

This is a valuable resource for employers, governments, and organizations looking to promote gender equality in their workplaces. It provides evidence-based information on the positive impacts of gender-sensitive practices and insight into how such initiatives can be implemented successfully.

Table of Contents

  • About this report & Acknowledgements
    • Perspectives from BCGE’s leadership
  • About Us
    • Key data
    • Our journey
    • Strategic vision and leadership
    • Our workplace gender equality approach
  • Women in the Myanmar Economy
    • Why does WGE matter in Myanmar
    • Understanding gender inequalities in Myanmar
  • Fostering better practices for gender equality in Myanmar workplaces
    • Our community of committed businesses
    • Building capabilities across our members and beyond
    • Structuring a WGE journey to deliver results
  • Assessing how companies perform on gender equality
    • Methodology
    • Result
    • Members’ WGE practices
  • Appendix


This report was originally published on the BCGE website.

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