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Advancing Workplace Gender Equality at Teleperformance Philippines

Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment


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Case Study

Workplace Gender Equality

Advancing Workplace Gender Equality at Teleperformance Philippines

Advancing Workplace Gender Equality at Teleperformance Philippines

The case study examines the efforts made by Teleperformance Philippines in promoting workplace gender equality. Published by the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE), it explores how Teleperformance has implemented initiatives such as flexible work arrangements and specialized training programs to support its female employees. The study also highlights Teleperformance’s gender-sensitive policies in recruitment, reward systems, and career progression.

The case study identifies key factors that have driven change and improvements in workplace gender equality at Teleperformance, including sustained leadership commitment, a defined company strategy, motivational awards, trusted local technical support, gender equality data and analytics, and knowledge and skills development.

Despite the progress made, the report acknowledges challenges that remain in achieving long-term gender parity, including the need for further investment in education and training, increased collaboration between management and employees, improved access to childcare resources, and greater representation of women in leadership roles.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Engagement with the PBCWE
  • Early Changes
  • Key Drivers of Change
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Country Context
  • Company Background
  • Engaging on Workplace Gender Equality
    • Assessing TP’s WGE
    • TP’s GEARS action plan to improve WGE and women’s inclusion
  • Delivering Change and Impact
    • Enhanced understanding of WGE
    • Establishing WGE and ASH training as mandatory courses
    • Improved WGE planning
    • Changes in knowledge and skills amongst key leader
    • New policy and practices to promote accountability on WGE Error! Bookmark not defined.
    • Gender sensitive promotion, recruitment, and selection processes
  • WGE Drivers of Change
    • Sustained leadership, commitment and accountability
    • Defined company strategy to promote gender equality
    • Motivational awards
    • Gender equality data, insights, and analytics
    • Gender equality knowledge and skills
  • Conclusion and Lessons
  • List of Figures and Tables


This case study was originally published on the PBCWE website.

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