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Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion

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Workplace Gender Equality

Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion

Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion

In Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, McKinsey’s Francis Rose speaks with Nora Garner, a senior partner in McKinsey’s Washington DC office on how to address the pressing issue of workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Rose and Gardner explore the business case for diversity and how government leaders can use proven approaches to address DEI.

This episode of McKinsey on Government podcast also highlights considerations for the public sector, including how a DEI strategy reflects those you serve or seek to serve, and ensuring getting creativity, innovation and varied ways of thinking. These come when a company has a variety of perspectives and backgrounds and an environment that helps unlock them.

Moreover, this episode discusses how to build and maintain a DEI strategy. Rose and Gardner talk about how leaders can reinforce DEI to take care of their employees instead of viewing it as “yet another thing to do”. Gardner adds senior-leader commitment is crucial in maintaining a DEI strategy.

Rose and Gardner also explore steps that public and social-sector leaders can do to achieve DEI success, such as building on existing executive orders and references on diversity, equity and inclusion and recognizing and rewarding positive contributions to DEI and well-being.

Gardner further talks about the importance of allyship and stepping up in support of colleagues, creating opportunities for them, speaking up when you see negative behaviour and lifting them up.

Lastly, the podcast explores the pros and cons of workplace flexibility. Gardner says flexibility without boundaries can lead to “ feeling like you have to be always on, a little more conscious of differences, and therefore doing even more to make up for that”.

A downloadable article for this podcast is available on the McKinsey website.

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