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Women in Tech: Hidden Alpha

Stories Videos /20 March 2021

Technology has unlocked women’s capabilities to solve high-impact problems—and share the benefits.

Two women-led businesses are stellar examples:

  • Aiah uses automation to help enterprises perform better, saving time and effort on repetitive tasks so that the workforce can focus on creativity and innovation, analysis, and problem-solving.
  • Canal Circle supports the underserved bottom-of-the-pyramid borrower base by providing a core banking software solution—an interconnected, automated, and data-enabled financial platform—for microfinance institutions.

Besides social gains, there is significant profit to be made with women in tech. Funders can no longer overlook an established pattern: investments in women-led startups are 35% more capital efficient and tend to generate 12% more revenue than equivalent male cohort startups.

“The timing for investing in women is now,” asserted Joseph de Leon, Founding Member of Manila Angel Investors Network (

“The tide is turning as more venture capitalists become intentional in investing in women-led startups,” also noted Evelyn Nguyen, Co-Founder and COO of Canal Circle.

Learn why more venture capitalists are participating in gender lens investing, particularly in tech, and how women-led startups have broken through barriers and earned the moniker of “hidden alpha.”

Watch the full video, the first of a series for the gender platform of AVPN.


How you invest is just as important as what you invest in.

Not sure where to start? Check out this infographic and practical guide by Value for Women on how to invest with a gender lens.

Want to know more? Read this Intellecap report analysing trends in impact investing and gender lens investing in South East Asia.

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