15 October 2020 | Media Coverage

QBO, Aussie gov’t link up to increase women tech entrepreneurs in PH

In a virtual conference, QBO said it has partnered with Australia’s Investing in Women in the joint initiative called “Startup Pinay.”

Investing in Women is a government-backed organization aiming to catalyze “inclusive economic growth through women’s economic empowerment” in Southeast Asia.

QBO currently provides support to startups “of any size, vertical, and development stage through several programs and services that are based off actual startup needs.”

Rene “Butch” Meily, president of QBO, said the tech incubator believes that it is worthy to invest on women entrepreneurs, noting that many global incubators lend only to women – a recognition that women “continue to be the pillars of the family.”

Sheona Mckenna, counsellor of the Australian Embassy, said there is huge “growth potential” for women in technology. She said that while gender equality remains, efforts are underway to give women “greater participation” in technology-related startups.

The official, quoting a study, said only 18% of startups in the Philippines have women founders. This is roughly the same in Australia, where women are “grossly underrepresented,” McKenna said.

She noted that notions still exist that place women under “caring roles” and men under “breadwinner” roles.

McKenna said one of the goals of the Australian government in partnership with QBO is “to create strong profile of women startups in the Philippines,” and encourage women to lead technology start ups.


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