24 October 2018 | Press Release

IW, PMAP team up for women economic empowerment

Women in the Philippines face the tough challenge of juggling a fulfilling career and a happy life at home. Family-responsive policies are crucial in addressing challenges that both men and women face in the workplace.

Investing in Women (IW) and the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) are working to identify innovative workplace practices and gauge their effects on employee empowerment and productivity. A team was formed to conduct a family-responsiveness survey to identify industry best practice in promoting employees’ work/life fit and productivity in the Philippines. The study will present practical recommendations for organizational policies and national legislation. It will be national in scope, focusing on selected regions populated by PMAP members who collectively are regarded as the thought leader and voice of people management in the Philippines.

The study will form the basis for an advocacy and communication campaign that IW and PMAP will launch with their stakeholders, to give voice to women employees and serve the cause of women economic empowerment and gender equality in the Philippines.

For more information, contact Sarah Lausa Niguas at +632-726-1532

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