29 May 2024 | News

Investing in Women welcomes Good Return as Campaigns and Communities of Practice partner in the Philippines

Investing in Women (IW) is pleased to announce Good Return as its latest partner to deliver campaigns and establish communities of practice (CoPs) that will highlight positive examples of gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in the Philippines. 

Good Return is a not-for-profit organisation working throughout the Asia Pacific region, to support women and their families in accessing economic opportunities and financial security. By providing responsible finance solutions, technical assistance, and sharing learnings across the broader impact investing sector, the organisation aims to reduce barriers to women’s economic participation.  

Good Return will be working with the Alliance of Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development, Inc. (APPEND) to build a cohort of gender equality advocates among staff of microfinance institutions (MFIs).  Good Return and APPEND will identify early adopters of gender equality who are keen to establish CoPs at the local and national level. These CoPs will offer advocates platforms for collaboration and mutual support, amplifying their impact. 

Investing in Women welcomes Good Return as Campaigns and Communities of Practice partner in the Philippines

In this photo: Investing in Women’s new partner, Good Return, showcasing their work during the IW partner onboarding workshops in the Philippines.


Good Return will also draw on their experience on behaviour change communication, particularly for financial inclusion. For example, a video drama series will be used as a conversation starter on the negotiation of unpaid care work within the households of the MFI staff as well as the borrowers they regularly interact with. This approach recognises that the gendered sharing of unpaid care work tends to limit women’s economic participation. 

Investing in Women supports locally driven campaigns in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam that highlight positive examples of gender equality to strengthen public support for women’s economic participation. Through fostering a community of gender equality advocates, IW will continuously build evidence that supports the broader adoption of progressive attitudes and behaviours. 

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