13 May 2024 | News

Investing in Women Revitalising and Strengthening Partnership with Magdalene to Advance Women’s Economic Empowerment in Indonesia

Investing in Women (IW) is pleased to announce a renewed and strengthened partnership with Magdalene. We will continue to broaden public support for women’s economic empowerment in Indonesia by working with the media and other shapers of public discourse.

Magdalene is a women-focused online publication that offers news and views with a gender perspective. Magdalene was founded in 2013 to fill the gap of media that capture issues that really affect women and cover the news with an intersectional feminist lens. Magdalene serves as a platform to represent and amplify voices of those rarely represented in the Indonesian media, including from minority and marginalised groups.


Magdalene team collaborated in the IW workshop activity

In this photo: The Magdalene team actively engages in a collaborative group activity during the Investing in Women workshop.


In the previous phase, IW and Magdalene collaborated on Women Lead, a digital campaign that showcased women’s leadership in the workplace by profiling role models and collecting real-life stories of what it means to be a woman in Indonesian workplaces. The campaign included efforts to reframe the media’s portrayal of women, particularly in workplace and leadership settings. Through training, roundtable discussions, and media grants, Magdalene also sowed the seeds of a community of practice of journalists applying a gender perspective in media reportage.

Building on the success of Women Lead, Magdalene will launch a new initiative called Serempak Setara (Together Towards Equality). This new initiative recognises that women’s participation and representation in workplace leadership are inevitably intertwined with their caring responsibilities. Serempak Setara aims to raise public awareness, shift perspectives and attitudes, inspire changemakers, and mobilise action to promote gender-equal sharing of care and economic roles.

Serempak Setara will include both a campaign and a community of practice. The campaign will populate digital media with compelling evidence of and role models for equal sharing of care and economic roles in Indonesian households. The community of practice will convene and strengthen the commitment of progressive journalists and offer fellowships and internships to bring more gender advocates to learn from experience, reflection, and from each other.

IW supports locally driven campaigns in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam that highlight positive examples of gender equality to strengthen public support for women’s economic participation. Through fostering a community of gender equality advocates, IW will continuously build evidence that supports the broader adoption of progressive attitudes and behaviours.

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