14 May 2024 | News

Investing in Women and TUVA Communication Join Hands to Promote Gender Equality Through Media Campaigns

Investing in Women has recently joined forces with TUVA Communication to advance the Nhà Nhiều Cột Campaign, a media campaign that seeks to raise awareness and change perceptions of gender stereotypes. Through the partnership, IW supports TUVA and Nhà Nhiều Cột to promote gender-equal sharing of care and economic roles in Vietnamese households.

A development sector-focused communication company in Vietnam, TUVA specialises in employing innovative technology such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and social listening to amplify the impact of media campaigns addressing social issues, particularly gender equality.

Since its inception in 2020, TUVA has coordinated the Nhà Nhiều Cột campaign, initially alongside CARE International in Vietnam. The campaign has attracted over 50,000 online followers and sparked millions of lively discussions within the community, particularly regarding gender roles within the family and workplace. Beyond social media, Nhà Nhiều Cột has engaged audiences through exhibitions, talk shows, and podcasts. A book documenting stories and lessons from the campaign was published in 2022.


In this photo: Tuva team actively participating in the IW workshop activity, demonstrating teamwork and engagement as they work together on the task.

In this photo: Tuva team actively participating in the IW workshop activity.


Nhà Nhiều Cột rides on trending topics in media and social media and creates content that incorporates gender theories and perspectives to highlight and reframe gender bias in everyday life. Tackling issues from gender-discriminatory school dress codes to misleading portrayals of women in media, the campaign encourages critical dialogues that highlight and invite progressive views, which can inspire other early adopters to speak up and challenge gender stereotypes.

Investing in Women supports locally driven campaigns in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam that highlight positive examples of gender equality to strengthen public support for women’s economic participation. Through fostering a community of gender equality advocates, IW will continuously build evidence that supports the broader adoption of progressive attitudes and behaviors.



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