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Gender Smart Investing: the US$4.5t opportunity Singapore can leverage

Media Coverage /03 April 2020

In its report on Investing in Women, the IFC presents quantitative evidence of the rewards. In Indonesia, ECOM Agroindustrial Corp.– one of the world’s largest coffee traders – boosted productivity by 131% by developing gender-specific training after identifying knowledge gaps between men and women as a key barrier to growth.

To accelerate progress, we are partnering with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Investing in Women and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on a series of gender initiatives. These partnerships will be announced at our Annual Conference in June, Singapore.

Secondly, investors need practical guidance to meaningfully integrate a gender lens into their decision-making criteria.

Investing in Women, an initiative of the Australian Government, maps out considerations for investors to build a gender lens into new or existing strategies.

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