7 January 2019 | News/Stories

Engaging workers on the Vietnam Labour Code reform

Investing in Women partners in Vietnam are set to roll out a social media campaign that aims to increase public support for promoting gender equality in the Labour Code reform using real-life stories of how workers benefit when women and men get equal treatment and equal opportunities at work.

Oxfam, CARE and the Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment (iSEE) in Vietnam will lead the #8tiengtronven (#8hoursoffulfilment) campaign, targeting factory workers and office employees, who each have different interest points and behaviour on social media.

Factory workers have been found to use social media primarily for entertainment, consuming viral videos and funny video clips. To reach this primary target audience, the campaign will take a humorous approach through a sitcom about workplace gender equality implications on their income, benefits and overall employee wellbeing.

Although entertaining content is also expected to resonate with office workers, for this audience segment, the campaign will prioritise a confession page where they can share workplace concerns. IW partners in Vietnam found that office workers are more likely to share their experience anonymously, particularly on sexual harassment.

The social media campaign will be complemented by focus group discussions with both factory and office workers, with stories emerging from the engagement with these audience groups expected to inform not only ongoing social media activities but also dialogues with the media and policymakers, including National Assembly members.

The campaign led by IW partners in Vietnam is supported by Investing in Women, an initiative of the Australian Government. Investing in Women is supporting the Vietnam Government’s reform of the Labour Code by providing technical assistance across five key areas:

  • Unequal retirement ages between women and men
  • The ban on women in certain areas of employment
  • Strengthening provisions to prevent sexual harassment
  • Paternal leave and workplace childcare
  • Equal pay between men and women for work of equal value

In October 2018, Investing in Women supported a consultation workshop on promoting gender equality in the Labour Code reform, attended by some 200 women and men from the drafting committee, National Assembly, government officials, private sector, international organisations, non-government groups, the civil society, the diplomatic community, and the media. In 2016, Vietnam’s Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs asked Australia and UN Women to provide gender advice for the Labour Code revision. Watch the video below to learn more.

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