28 October 2019 | Case Study

Investing in Women Case Study Series: Patamar Capital

Gender Lens Investing


This case study discusses the achievements and key learnings of Investing in Women (IW) and Patamar Capital in advancing gender lens investing through blended finance structure.

To reduce the funding gap to women’s small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and mobilise capital flow to women’s SMEs, IW has established four different blended finance structures with impact investing partners via the provision of a performance-based grant. This unique blended finance approach is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia which mobilises as well as accelerates capital flow to women’s SMEs.

Patamar is a social venture capital firm with a mission to unlock better economic opportunities for Asia’s low-income communities. The firm aims for superior returns for its partners by investing in and supporting early-stage, high-growth companies in solving some of South and South East Asia’s most pervasive problems at scale.

In partnership with IW, Patamar Capital has invested in women’s SMEs and incorporated a gender lens through its Accelerator Program. Patamar Capital / Kinara investment activities have been able to strengthen IW’s understanding and strategy to help women’s SMEs launch, grow, prepare for and receive investment capital.

This case study discusses how Patamar’s partnership with IW provided the opportunity to incorporate gender analysis into every aspect of the firm’s investment and management process. The gender lens action plan covers pipeline development, screening, pre-investment due diligence, structuring, investment committee decision making, post deal engagement and exits, and fundraising/investor relations.

This is part of a series of case studies detailing the four investment vehicles established by IW with reputable global impact investors including Patamar Capital, along with Capital 4 Development, Root Capital, and Small Enterprise Assistance Fund. The series was developed by Ernst & Young with support from Investing in Women.



    • IW – innovative blended finance structure with Patamar
    • Patamar Investing in Women Fund
    • Investment activity to date
    • Gender Lens Action Plan
    • Patamar Gender Lens investing – Key learnings to date
    • IW’s key insights on gender lens investing
    • EY insights on gender lens investing
    • Investing in Women’s achievements to date
    • EY as Advisor to IW
    • Contacts


Patamar Capital’s key learnings include:

  • Through the partnership, Patamar has been successful in developing a pipeline of eligible women’s SMEs and closing deals.
  • Women entrepreneurs in the early stage value access to technical assistance, which may include advice on capital structure, improving gender equality within the business and general operational advice.
  • Gender lens investing requires active support from all investment partners and team members.
  • For Patamar, gender lens investing broadens beyond women’s SMEs to include all impactful businesses for women’s economic empowerment.
  • Communication and implementation of gender lens investing remain complex, particularly in addressing the multifaceted barriers faced by women’s SMEs.

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