23 June 2023 | Infographic, Report

Investing in Women Activity Completion Report


IW has been an important initiative, seeking to identify evidence-based approaches to improve women’s economic opportunities in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar, to drive inclusive economic growth. The original design emphasised innovation and risk-taking to help drive change for women. Along the way, IW developed new approaches. A significant investment in monitoring, evaluation, and learning was made to guide implementation and enable the dissemination of results to a wider audience.

Phases 1 and 2 of IW sought to catalyse inclusive economic growth through women’s economic empowerment in Southeast Asia between April 2016 to July 2023, with a focus on Workplace Gender Equality, Gender Lens Investing, and Influencing Gender Norms. The next phase of Investing in Women provides an opportunity to scale these initiatives and create lasting economic change


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