21 April 2020 | Video

Impact Investing Video Series: Advancing Women’s economic empowerment through Gender Lens Investing

Blended Finance, Gender Lens Investing, Women in Business


This video series delves into key aspects of women’s economic empowerment, including the definition and importance of economic empowerment, the significant financing gap for women-owned SMEs, the role of impact investing and gender lens investing, and the potential of blended finance to support women’s businesses. Discover how these concepts can drive gender equality and economic growth in developing regions.


  • What is Women’s Economic Empowerment? – Discover how economic empowerment enables women to advance and succeed economically and make impactful economic decisions, despite existing social and cultural barriers.
  • Women’s Financing Gap – Learn about the significant financing gap affecting women-owned small and medium enterprises (SMEs) worldwide, particularly in East Asia and the Pacific, and understand the importance of bridging this gap to drive economic growth.
  • Impact Investing in Southeast Asia – Explore the process of impact investing, which aims to generate positive social and environmental impacts alongside financial returns, and its role in empowering women in Southeast Asia.
  • Gender Lens Investing – Understand how incorporating a gender perspective in investing can lead to robust and sustainable economic growth by fully integrating women into the economy.
  • Blended Finance for Women’s SMEs – Delve into the concept of blended finance and the urgent need to mobilize private sector resources to support women-owned SMEs, addressing the substantial financing gap in developing countries.

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