11 July 2023 | Fact Sheet

Impact Investing in Vietnam


This factsheet provides an overview of impact investing and gender-lens investing (GLI) trends in Vietnam from 2020 to 2022. Vietnam experienced significant growth in impact investments, becoming the largest market in the region. DFIs increased their investments in Vietnam, with a focus on larger deals above USD 5 million. GLI deals were prominent in financial services, agriculture, energy, and manufacturing. The average size of DFI-led GLI deals was USD 45.02 million, while PII-led deals averaged USD 0.77 million. Financial services and energy were the leading sectors in terms of capital deployment. DFIs outnumbered PIIs in impact deals, with significantly more capital deployed. Debt deals were more common, particularly in financial services, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors. Equity investments focused on ICT, financial services, and transportation sectors but remained limited overall.


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