1 July 2022 | Report

Gendered Impacts of MSME Policy Responses to COVID-19 in Southeast Asia

Gender Lens Investing


Gendered Impacts of MSME Policy Responses to COVID-19 in South East Asia uncovers the outcomes of MSME policy responses to the pandemic in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. It draws on fieldwork conducted from July 2021 to January 2022 in each of the three countries, analysing the varied experiences of women and men in the MSME sector. It also examines how women and men have been consulted in policy design; the extent to which policy responses included gender analysis in design or application; factors influencing priorities in designing policy; the gender breakdown of beneficiaries of the policy support; the types of support measures which benefitted women the most; and the lessons or recommendations that could be drawn from these three country case studies. 

This report was originally published on the Monash University website.


  • Common Obstacles: Inadequate working capital, decline in domestic demand, and disruption of production/supply chains.
  • Digital Adaptation: Over two-thirds of MSMEs increased use of online platforms, with digitization becoming the ‘new normal.’
  • Limited Consultation: Minimal consultation with MSMEs in policy design, with significant gaps in awareness of government support measures.
  • Government Support Utilisation: Low utilisation rates of government support due to lack of awareness and complex requirements.
  • Policy Recommendations: Enhance consultation processes, increase awareness of support programs, and simplify access to aid.

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Published by: Investing in Women, Monash University

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