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Gender Lens Investing in Southeast Asia: Literature Review

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Gender Lens Investing in Southeast Asia: Literature Review

Gender Lens Investing in Southeast Asia: Literature Review

The Gender Lens Investing in Southeast Asia: Literature Review provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of gender lens investing (GLI) in Southeast Asia. The report offers valuable insights into the landscape, challenges, and opportunities that investors face when adopting a gender lens approach.

The report emphasizes that GLI aims to address gender disparities by considering gender-based challenges and opportunities. It notes that GLI is gaining traction in Southeast Asia due to its potential for businesses to tackle social and environmental issues and promote gender equity in the region.

However, the report highlights that gender lens investing in Southeast Asia is still in its early stages. It also outlines several challenges that impede its growth, such as limited investment options, inadequate gender-disaggregated data, and a lack of investment pipeline. Furthermore, it identifies the need for more awareness and understanding of gender lens investing.

The report also presents various opportunities for investors interested in implementing gender lens investing strategies. These opportunities include investing in industries where women constitute a significant portion of the workforce and where female entrepreneurs can introduce products or services that cater to women’s needs.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The state of the GLI market
    • 2.1 Market size and maturity
      • Figure 1: Relative size of global GLI assets compared to the impact investing market and sustainable investment universe
      • Figure 2: Target geographies of private market gender lens funds
      • Figure 3: 2XChallenge commitments by region
      • Figures 4 and 5: Gender-lens investments and deals by private impact investors and DFIs in Southeast Asia in 2017-2019 and 2020 2022
    • 2.2. Developments in GLI products
    • 2.3. Gender: growing interest in mainstream capital markets
  • 3. Gender lens investing trends
    • 3.1. Sector trends
    • 3.2. GLI and other investment trends: the care economy and climate finance
  • 4. Other trends in GLI
  • 5. Outlook for GLI
  • References
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