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Census on Women in Executive Leadership Team in IDX200 companies

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Workplace Gender Equality

Census on Women in Executive Leadership Team in IDX200 companies

Census on Women in Executive Leadership Team in IDX200 companies

World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020 shows that women’s job participation in Indonesia is consistently lower than men. Women are also less presented further up the corporate ladder. In management roles, women are concentrated in the corporate functions that appear not to lead to the top executive, such as human resources, finance and administration, board, or CEO positions. 

The Census on Women in Executive Leadership Team (ELT) analyses women’s representation in Indonesia’s top 200 publicly listed companies. It studies data collected from 2019 to 2021 to understand the status of women’s representation in executive leadership in IDX 2000 companies and highlights the impact of COVID-19 on female executives or leaders’ representation. 

The research looks at the gender composition of ELTs in IDX200, the state of adoption of promoting women for ELT in IDX200 companies, and the extent IDX200 companies prioritise women’s presentation in key pipeline roles. Moreover, it analyses women’s representation in the line and functional roles as well as the gender balance in IDX200 companies.  

It also identifies several possible actions that can improve women’s representation in IDX200 companies, including promoting the establishment of gender target setting, pushing IDX-listed companies to conduct gender reporting, and helping boost women CEOs’ presence and IDX-listed companies that already have a gender balance. 


  • Women executives’ representation in the IDX200 companies remains unchanged at around 15% in the past three years. 
  • Female CEOs in IDX200 companies remain unchanged with eight CEOs since 2019.
  • Ninety-four IDX200 companies do not have women executives at all in their teams. 
  • One in ten of the line roles are held by women, while 19% of functional roles are held by women. 
  • 41 of the IDX200 companies (21%) have reached gender balance in their ELT. 
  • 30 companies (15%) are on their way to achieving gender balance with 20-30% women in executive positions. 
  • Still half of the IDX200 companies only have less than 10% women in their ELTs. 
  • The consumer cyclicals (29%) and the healthcare (27%) industries are showing a promising future for women’s representation. 
  • Only 10% or fewer women executives in basic materials, transportation, and infrastructure industries. 


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