21 June 2022 | Report

Census on Women in Executive Leadership Team in IDX200 companies

Women in Leadership, Workplace Gender Equality


The “Census on Women in Executive Leadership Team in IDX200” report offers a critical examination of the state of gender diversity within the top 200 publicly listed companies in Indonesia (IDX200). The report reveals that while 21% of these companies have achieved gender balance within their Executive Leadership Teams (ELTs), a significant portion still lags, with half of the IDX200 companies having less than 10% women in their ELTs.

The analysis highlights sector-specific performances, with industries like consumer cyclicals and healthcare showing better representation of women. This comprehensive report serves as a baseline for tracking progress and identifying areas that need strategic interventions to enhance gender diversity at the highest corporate levels. This effort aligns with global movements to improve corporate governance and gender equality in business leadership.

The report is published by the Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment, with support from Investing in Women.


  • 41 of the IDX200 companies have successfully achieved gender balance in their Executive Leadership Teams.
  • The consumer cyclicals and healthcare sectors are leading with higher percentages of women in executive roles.
  • Despite some advancements, half of the IDX200 companies still have less than 10% women in their executive leadership, indicating significant room for improvement.
  • The report underscores the importance of targeted efforts to increase women’s representation in executive positions to ensure diverse and inclusive leadership.

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Published by: IBCWE, Investing in Women

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