11 July 2023 | Brief

Building the Market for Gender Lens Investing – Insights From Market Actors

Gender Lens Investing


Investing in Women (IW) collaborates with market building partners to promote gender lens investing (GLI) in Southeast Asia. Through raising awareness, building capacity, and fostering relationships, IW contributes to the development of the GLI field. Market actors recognize IW’s role in increasing awareness and capacity for GLI and appreciate its support in producing resources and tools. IW’s market interventions and technical assistance to partners are seen as critical steps in normalizing GLI.

Opportunities for GLI in Southeast Asia include private sector-driven growth, an increase in Asian women wealth holders, and growing attention to gender in public markets. However, attitudinal and structural barriers persist, including misconceptions, risk perceptions, biases, and limited availability of GLI products. Tailored messaging, education, and direct support are essential for market building. The care economy and climate investing present opportunities for GLI, although further action is needed. Recommendations for IW’s future work include targeting mainstream investors, acquiring new partners, hiring resources with mainstream investing experience, disseminating results, bridging the finance-gender gap, and engaging in conversations about the care economy and climate/gender investing.


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