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Workplace Gender Equality video and other WGE resources

News /20 November 2020

Investing in Women supports Business Coalitions in Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam, that work with influential businesses on shifting workplace cultures, practices and policy barriers to achieve workplace gender equality (WGE). Workplace Gender Equality exists when everyone, regardless of gender, can equally access and enjoy resources, opportunities and benefits to thrive and progress at all levels.

Leading businesses can influence society towards gender equality. They have the resources and capacity to initiate change within their own workplaces and encourage other businesses to follow suit and likewise advance Workplace Gender Equality.  Achieving WGE entails significant benefits such as increased staff motivation, better talent management, higher productivity and performance and an improved reputation.

Below are resources that partners and other organisations can use as tools in understanding, promoting and advancing gender equality.


Investing in Women Workplace Gender Equality video Investing in Women Workplace Gender Equality video

This video provides a definition of Workplace Gender Equality (WGE), as well as the benefits of practicing WGE. It includes testimonials from top executives in member companies of Business Coalitions, which are also leading businesses in Investing in Women’s target countries. Watch the video.


What is Workplace Gender Equality? What is Workplace Gender Equality?

This document provides a definition of Workplace Gender Equality, as well as key points and guidelines for advancing WGE.  Download the resource.


THE CASE FOR GENDER EQUALITY: Risks, opportunities and actions for businesses during and beyond COVID-19

This brief provides evidence from the Asia-Pacific region on business outcomes of Workplace Gender Equality (WGE) and why, in the context of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to maintain the momentum of WGE. Download the resource.


Workplace Gender Equality in South East Asian businesses Workplace Gender Equality in South East Asian businesses

The report explores WGE in South East Asia by researching on three focus areas; the impact of leadership training opportunities on promotional outcomes of men and women; the role of strong policy frameworks that prohibit discrimination in recruitment and promotion on women’s career outcomes; and the influences of any formal or informal cultural biases or gender stereotypes on decisions regarding promotion, recruitment and retention that businesses need to understand and incorporate in order to address any gender inequalities at work. Download the report.


Workplace Gender Equality and WGE reporting in Indonesia Workplace Gender Equality and WGE reporting in Indonesia

This research aims to provide recommendations to the Indonesian government so improvements on mandatory WGE reporting may be put in place for private companies. Download the resource.


Mothers’ rooms: Nurturing the future growth of the workforce Gender Equality Scorecard Manual

The Myanmar Business Coalition for Gender Equality—a partner of Investing in Women—has developed this information brief on setting up lactation rooms in workplaces in order to set out its expectations with respect to the business sector to follow the sound and prudent management practices. This information brief, therefore, covers the simple steps in action for mother-friendly workplaces. Download the resource.


Visit the Knowledge Hub for more resources  on Workplace Gender Equality.

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