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#StemPower Our Girls seeks to address the low number of female scientists in PHL

Media Coverage /22 July 2018

Enter #STEMPower Our Girls- a new social impact program spearheaded by the PBEd and the communications firm Evident Communications – which seeks to solve the low number of female scientists in the country.

The campaign is funded by the Investing in Women initiative from the Australian Government.

So what is the strategy? #STEMPower Our Girls will start them young but empowering eleven-year old girls to pursue STEM-related courses in high school.

“We want to start young girls at the right age, with the right content and activities that would encourage them [pursue] STEM. We want young girls to have role models, so that they can tell themselves, ‘Pwede pala. This is achievable. This is something real, aspirational and achievable’,” said Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico, Executive Director of Evident Communications, at the campaign’s launch.

Read the full story here.

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