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Fact Sheets on Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines now on the Knowledge Hub

News /19 February 2020

In 2018, Investing in Women conducted a Social Norms, Attitudes and Practices Survey (SNAPS) on women’s and men’s roles at work and at home to explore the social norms that may hinder economic growth, as well as the attitudes and practices that underpin these social norms. The study included survey results from 6,000 respondents, composed of both women and men, in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The findings from that survey are summarised in the SNAPS report, in a format designed to help readers understand the social norms, perceptions and practices around gender in the above-mentioned South East Asian countries.

To present a snapshot of the significant findings from each country, Investing in Women’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Team created SNAPSheets—or put simply, Country Fact Sheets—on Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Some of the information you will find in the SNAPSheets are country-specific data on women and men’s reason’s for working, gender experiences in the workplace, desired retirement ages and roles in the household, to name a few. Insights from these reports can be used to better inform strategies that will deliver women’s economic empowerment. The SNAPS Report and SNAPSheets can be accessed through the Knowledge Hub section of the Investing in Women website.

Download the individual country fact sheets here:


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