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Empowering women for the future of work

Media Coverage /16 June 2018

The Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment—launched last year through the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Investing in Women initiative and in partnership with the Philippine Women’s Economic Network—aims for gender equality in the workplace and women’s economic empowerment nationwide. The coalition’s seven founding members are working to identify and set benchmarks on policies and practices that are known to promote gender equity in the workplace. This is done through the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality assessment, which evaluates the companies’ workplace gender equality performance against global and industry benchmarks.

To progress “beyond the traditional trend,” companies must recognize that competence in the workplace knows no gender, and must support this with concrete action. Equality should be less a catchphrase and more a strategic guide to this end, informing the company’s business track in order to boost talent acquisition and retention, and further tap into human resource potential.

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Investing in Women