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Yayasan Pulih (Pulih Foundation) is a non-profit that provides psychosocial empowerment support to those affected by violence or disasters. Pulih employs preventive measures, such as transforming gender norms, including through male engagement, to address gender-based violence and inequality.

In 2018 – 2019, Pulih, together with its partner organisation Aliansi Laki-laki Baru (Alliance of New Men), led the IW-funded #KitaMulaiSekarang or #WeStartNow campaign that encouraged men to participate more in housework and childcare.

Pulih will pilot a module and campaign for the private sector employees that links and addresses gender norms, mental health and employee and company productivity. Based on insights gathered from the pilot, Pulih will develop recommendations for companies on addressing gender norms within employees in support of workplace gender equality

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