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The University of Sydney is Investing in Women’s research partner. The team conducts new academic research on topics related to women’s economic empowerment in Investing in Women’s target countries. It produces a range of research products, including journal articles and fact sheets, and provides expert advice.

Business partnerships research focuses on the connectedness of major industries in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam; the role of women decision-makers in large companies; gender diversity, gender bias and organisational practice; and drivers of change in large firms.

Government partnerships research focuses on the regulatory environment on women and work in all four target countries. Topics covered include national policy standards on women’s work; national work/care regimes; and attitudes towards paternity leave and other measures to enhance gender equality in the home.

Advocacy and communications research focuses on advocacy efforts by civil society groups to enhance women’s equality at work in South East Asia. Topics covered include international funding for women’s economic empowerment programs; civil society advocacy in the target countries; and public discourse on women and work, as reflected in the mainstream media.

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