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METIS Analytics seeks to improve the outcomes of aid investments by expanding the role and importance of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and performance analysis. Based in Singapore, METIS specialises in monitoring, evaluation and research services for clients around the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on the planning and management of human resources, logistics, and quality assurance of M&E operations. METIS has managed M&E operations and teams for a range of large multi-stakeholder programs in complex environments, including over 30 evaluations and research activities from design stage to data collection, analysis, and dissemination. Through its operations, METIS provides its partners with rigorous and practical analytical solutions to understand, disseminate, and ultimately enhance the performance of their investments.

How METIS works with Investing in Women.

METIS manages and operates the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Unit for Investing in Women.  The MEL Unit works with Investing in Women components and their implementing partners to gather credible performance information, and use it to: continually improve and adapt Investing in Women implementation; share the business case for investing in women; and account for the Australian Government’s investment in Investing in Women:

  1. Continuous learning and improvement through evidence-based decision-making: The MEL Unit supports Investing in Women’s Business Coalition partners to regularly assess and adapt their strategies to improve workplace gender equality, including  technical support to develop and maintain user-friendly performance monitoring and evaluation systems.
  2. Building and sharing the business case for investing in women : The MEL Unit provides Investing in Women management and its impact investing partners with credible and reliable data on the emerging business case for investing in women-owned and women-led small and medium enterprises, including developing and sharing a framework for gender lens investing with market builders and development partners.
  3. Accountability: The MEL Unit assists DFAT and Investing in Women management and directors to understand the practical impact and influence of its four program components on different dimensions of Women’s Economic Empowerment.


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