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In October 2017, the GIIN launched a two-year initiative to explore the opportunities and challenges in catalyzing and scaling gender lens investing within the impact investing sector. For purposes of these activities, the GIIN defines gender lens investing as investment strategies applied to an allocation or to the entirety of an investment portfolio, which 1) seek to intentionally and measurably address gender disparities and/or 2) examine gender dynamics to better inform investment decisions. For interventions focused specifically on the improved economic and social wellbeing of women and girls, thematic strategies might include investing in businesses that promote workplace equity and women’s leadership, investing in companies offering products and services that benefit women and girls, investing in issues that disproportionately affect women and girls, or providing access to capital for women-owned or –led businesses. On the other hand, examining gender dynamics can help investors make better informed investment decisions from addressing gender issues as potential risks to an investment to leveraging market opportunities through new customer or product insights.

Key Objectives and Activities

Through the collective learnings and outputs of member-driven activities, the GIIN’s Gender Lens Investing Initiative aims to continue to build a compelling case for gender lens investing, and ultimately, to increase investor adoption of effective gender lens strategies in deploying investment capital.

To achieve these objectives, the activities pursued by the Initiative will include, but are not be limited to:

  • Compilation of a database on gender lens investing allocations and strategies
  • Quarterly webinars on gender lens investing
  • Creation of a Gender Lens Investing Working Group beginning in August 2018

Advisory Committee

This Initiative benefits from the guidance and leadership of an Advisory Committee composed of representatives from four GIIN member organizations with relevant experience and sector expertise in gender lens investing. These member organizations include Calvert Impact Capital, Investing in Women, Phatisa, and RobecoSAM.

How to Get Involved

To get involved with the GIIN Gender Lens Investing Initiative or for more information, please contact the Membership Team at


For more details about GIIN, please visit their website.

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