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Where are the women business leaders in Vietnam?

16 November 2018

Why aren’t there enough women in senior management positions in Vietnam? Investing in Women looks at gender barriers that prevent Vietnamese women from reaching the top in business.

Gender stereotypes and education

06 February 2018

Gender stereotypes are not always obvious. They start to follow us from the our earliest days in the toy store and continues to influence us when choosing subjects at school ...

Investing in Women – The Indonesia Accelerator Program

24 January 2018

The Kinara Indonesia Impact Accelerator Program for women-led enterprises will run for two years, providing investment-readiness support to a total of 24 women-led enterprises, eight of which will receive seed investment ...

ASEAN Forum – Final

24 January 2018

“More women are leaning in – and we’ll all go farther when the workplace stops pushing back.” – Sheryl Sandberg in The Wall Street Journal

ASEAN Australian Foreign Minister Message

23 January 2018

Message from the Australian Foreign Minister

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