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Why companies should promote gender-positive advertising

23 January 2019

There’s a misconception that gender-positive advertising translates to brands prioritizing women at the cost of men, that it asks to give women the platform and get men off the ...

Engaging workers on the Vietnam Labour Code reform

07 January 2019

Investing in Women partners in Vietnam are set to roll out a social media campaign that aims to increase public support for promoting gender equality in the Labour Code reform ...

Meet the Chairs of the Business Coalitions for Women Empowerment

14 December 2018

Who are the women at the helm of the Business Coalitions for Women Empowerment? Meet the chairpersons of the Business Coalitions for Gender Equality across South East Asia.

The economic and social benefits of gender-equal homes

21 November 2018

It is impossible to talk about women’s economic empowerment or gender equality in the workplace without also talking about how responsibilities are shared at home. Investing in Women’s ...

Where are the women business leaders in Vietnam?

16 November 2018

Why aren’t there enough women in senior management positions in Vietnam? Investing in Women looks at gender barriers that prevent Vietnamese women from reaching the top in business.

Campaigns target male advocates for gender equality

23 October 2018

Two campaigns supported by Investing in Women, an initiative of the Australian Government, are engaging males as advocates of women’s economic empowerment through digital and innovative offline efforts to ...

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