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Let’s make women’s economic empowerment part of the ‘new normal’

26 May 2020

As the second half of 2020 approaches, we realise how much COVID-19 has directly affected society, the economy, and our everyday lives. Women are disproportionately affected and experience from previous pandemics ...

Innovation, reinvention and inclusion: Businesses responding to COVID-19

22 May 2020

The global economy is in a continuous state of disruption.  In this climate, business leaders are pressured to make crucial decisions in order to maintain resilience and prepare for recovery ...

The disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on South East Asian Women: Case studies from Malaysia and Indonesia

South East Asian women are putting themselves in highly vulnerable positions for the betterment of their countries. However, despite their sacrifices, women are more negatively impacted by COVID-19 than men.

Investing in Women launches RISE Fund to assist women’s SMEs in South East Asia

05 May 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Investing in Women has launched the RISE Fund – Responsive Interventions Supporting Entrepreneurs – to assist in the recovery of women’s SMEs in the South ...

Doubling down on Gender Lens Investing: What can investors do right now in the face of the COVID-19 crisis?

30 April 2020

As the world economy grapples with unprecedented shocks during the COVID-19 crisis, many investors, philanthropists and development finance institutions (DFIs) are pouring efforts into creating the best possible strategies for ...

The influence of urban millennials on gender norms

14 April 2020

When women’s economic empowerment programmes are challenged by gender norms, as is already happening in the response to COVID-19, it should not be the end of the road. Instead, ...

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