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Impact Investment Summit highlights: Women driving the impact revolution

16 December 2019

More than a hundred speakers and conversation catalysts from Australia and other parts of the globe gathered in Sydney in November for the Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific. Four women ...

Gender Equality Conference 2019 highlights: CEOs pledge for inclusivity and equal representation

20 November 2019

Top executives and decision-makers from the private sector, members of the academe, gender experts and stakeholders convened in Ho Chi Minh City on October 22 for the Gender Equality Conference.

Women’s inclusion crucial to economic growth in middle income countries

19 November 2019

More than 300 attendees from over 40 countries gathered in Singapore last month for the Making Finance Work for Women Summit. Investing in Women’s Impact Investing Partnerships Director, James Soukamneuth, joined ...

Create economic value through social innovation—conference

18 November 2019

Investing in Women’s Impact Investing Director James Soukamneuth joined other finance and investment experts and thought leaders as one of the panel speakers at The Economist’s Social Innovation ...

Investment structures of impact investing partners

15 November 2019

Ernst & Young Australia has been commissioned by IW to present case studies of four reputable global impact investors with ties in South East Asia: Capital 4 Development Partners (C4D ...

Is there a role for donors in helping change restrictive gender norms?

05 November 2019

Reducing gender gaps and removing barriers to gender equality is good for the economic and social development of countries, communities and families. Governments across the South East Asian region have ...

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