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Gender equality campaign launched in Cebu

12 September 2018

The nationwide #inFAIRNESS movement, which was first launched at the Senate of the Philippines last August 15, is supported by “Investing in Women,” an initiative of the Australian Government. The regional ...

Australian Government Supports Nationwide Advocacy Campaign #InFAIRness to Promote Gender Equality

30 August 2018

The Australian Government supported the launch of #inFAIRness, a nationwide advocacy campaign for a more equal Philippines, on 15 August 2018 at the Senate of the Philippines.

Going for equality

28 August 2018

The significant role that women play in the global economy is one of the factors driving growth in this area, says Dr Julia Newton-Howes, CEO of Investing In Women, a ... is investing in the future of young girls

27 August 2018

Last August 17 at the BGC Arts Center, both and Investing in Women kickstarted their powerful campaign: Investing in the Future of Young Pinays.

3 Things You Need to Stop Saying to Your Daughter (and to Yourself)

26 August 2018

“It really starts at home,” said Chal Lontoc, president and general manager of Jeron Travel, mother of two boys, and one of the 10 ambassadors at’s launch of ...

Campaign empowers young women on education-to-employment journey

25 August 2018, an education technology startup in the Philippines, in partnership with the Australian Government’s initiative called “Investing in Women (IW),” has kicked off its year-long campaign to support ...

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