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Launching rapid response gender lens financing: The story of RISE

11 August 2020

Investing in Women’s James Soukamneuth and Prachi Maheshwari talk about the RISE fund – Responsive Interventions Supporting Entrepreneurs – and provide insights on what else needs to be done to catalyse ...

COVID-19, economic crisis and gender equality in Asia

06 July 2020

The global research evidence is clear: economic crises exacerbate pre-existing inequalities, damaging the employment opportunities and economic security of women more than men. The 1980s debt crisis, the 1997 Asian financial ...

Women’s economic empowerment at a time of crisis: Can COVID-19 be different?

23 June 2020

Like previous crises, the COVID-19 pandemic will have clear gendered impacts. We need policymakers and the private sector to understand the benefits gender equality brings: both in order to better ...

The disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on South East Asian Women: Case studies from Malaysia and Indonesia

South East Asian women are putting themselves in highly vulnerable positions for the betterment of their countries. However, despite their sacrifices, women are more negatively impacted by COVID-19 than men.

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