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Investing in Women holds a thought-leadership responsibility to contribute to advance knowledge building to strengthen the business case of women’s economic empowerment and gender equality.

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Knowledge Hub

Investing in Women holds a thought-leadership responsibility to contribute to advance knowledge building to strengthen the business case of women’s economic empowerment and gender equality.

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Leading the fight against the pandemic: Does gender really matter?

October 2020

This paper analyses the relationship between national female leaders and their effectiveness in handling the COVID-crisis.

Accelerating change on flexible ways of working

October 2020

This report aims to help organisations better understand the benefits of flexible ways of working and how it can be effectively implemented. It ...

COVID-19 Rapid Gender Analysis Global Trends

September 2020

This analysis confirms the initial findings and predictions of CARE’s first Rapid Gender Analysis of COVID-19. It also reveals new areas of ...

A gender-responsive employment recovery: Building back fairer

September 2020

This brief indicates four policy priorities for a gender-responsive recovery: prevent women from losing their jobs; avoid premature fiscal consolidation; invest in care; ...

How Changing Social Norms is Crucial in Achieving Gender Equality

September 2020

The United Nations Population Fund released this compendium on social norms change to achieve gender equality, which provides a framework for programmatic approaches ...

Gender Equality Scorecard Manual

August 2020

The Gender Equality Scorecard Manual is the collective effort built upon SEAF’s work on the GES, a tool SEAF developed to assess ...

Project Sage 3.0: Tracking venture capital, private equity, and private debt with a gender lens

August 2020

Project Sage tracks the global shape and size of the private markets in gender lens investing. This report identifies 138 total funds deploying capital ...

Gender lens investing landscape: East and South East Asia

August 2020

This report aims to provide a landscape of gender lens investment (GLI) vehicles in both public and private markets and is intended to ...

Infographic: The Gender Lens Investing Framework

July 2020

This infographic provides a summary of Value for Women’s How to Invest with a Gender Lens: A guide for Investors in emerging ...

How to invest with a gender lens: A guide for investors in emerging markets

July 2020

This Gender Lens Investing how-to guide provides practical tools and resources for an investing community that urgently needs to address its diversity and ...

COVID-19 and ensuring safe cities and safe public spaces for women and girls

June 2020

This brief highlights emerging trends and implications for women and girls’ safety in cities and public spaces, recognising the continuum of violence against ...

Report: COVID-19 and Women’s Economic Participation

May 2020

This report provides analysis from a rapid but extensive literature review around the impacts of COVID-19, previous pandemics and recessions on the economic ...

Interim Key Messages | Flexible funding for humanitarian response and COVID-19

May 2020

This note provides recommendations and key messages reflecting IASC commitments, aligned with Grand Bargain principles  aimed at providing assistance to people in need ...

Interim Technical Note | Protection from sexual exploitation and abuse during COVID-19 response

May 2020

This document provides guidelines for Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) actions during the COVID-19 pandemic, which should strengthen existing PSEA commitments ...

Interim Guidance | Gender alert for COVID-19 outbreak

May 2020

This document enumerates gendered impacts of COVID-19 and includes minimum standards for integrating gender equality into preparedness and response planning process, and cluster ...

The Secretary-General’s UN COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund

May 2020

This document summarises the scope of the United Nations COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund and governance structure.

Shared responsibility, global solidarity: Responding to the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19

April 2020

Published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Group, this report describes the speed and scale of COVID-19, the severity of reported cases, and ...

2X Challenge and Gender Finance Collaborative response to the COVID-19 pandemic

April 2020

The 2X Challenge and GFI encourage their peer DFIs and other investors to implement gender-sensitive responses to COVID-19. This document outlines GFI and ...

Global Humanitarian Response Plan COVID-19

April 2020

The Global Humanitarian Response Plan was produced by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and its humanitarian partners ...

Updated Country Preparedness and Response Status for COVID-19 as of 13 April 2020

April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed nations around the world at risk. All countries are expected to prepare and respond to the crisis in ...

Operational Planning Guidelines to Support Country Planning and Response

April 2020

This is a practical guide for United Nations country teams and partners in developing operational plans to respond to COVID-19 at country level—...

COVID-19 Strategy Update

April 2020

This strategy update captures WHO’s learnings over a period of three months, and is based on the pool of accumulated evidence on ...

Strategic preparedness and response plan for the new coronavirus

April 2020

Prepared by the World Health Organisation, this strategic preparedness and response plan enumerates public health measures that the international community can provide to ...

‘Gender blind’ coronavirus policies could hinder disease fight

April 2020

Analysing the impact of COVID-19 on gender could be key in fighting the disease. Women are on the coronavirus frontlines as healthcare workers, ...

COVID-19 and the world of work: Impact and policy responses

April 2020

This briefing note contains the International Labour Organization’s preliminary assessment of the possible impacts of COVID-19 on the global workforce.  It proposes ...

Almost 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide as a result of COVID-19, says ILO

April 2020

An initial assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on the global world of work says the effects will be far-reaching, pushing millions of ...

COVID-19 sex-disaggregated data tracker

April 2020

To understand the role of gender in the COVID-19 pandemic, governments of affected countries must collect and report sex-disaggregated data, such as the ...

The gendered dimensions of COVID-19

April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected not only the physical health, but also the well-being and economic resilience, of women. Incidents of domestic violence ...

COVID-19: The gendered impacts of the outbreak

April 2020

To fully understand the primary and secondary effects of a health crisis on individuals and communities, it is vital to recognise how such ...

Policy Brief: The Impact of COVID-19 on Women

April 2020

This policy brief explores how women and girls’ lives are changing in the face of COVID-19, and enumerates suggested priority measures to accompany ...

SEAF’s Gender Equality Scorecard

April 2020

SEAF’s Gender Equality Scorecard (GES) is a tool for assessing women’s economic empowerment and gender equality within investment opportunities and portfolio ...

Tackling Social Norms | A game changer for gender inequalities

March 2020

This publication is based on research for the 2019 Human Development Report, which highlights how progress towards gender equality confronts moving targets and inequality ...

2019 Impact Report – Male Champions of Change

February 2020

Male Champions of Change seeks to increase female representation in organisations and to develop conditions and cultures that empower women. This is the ...

The Changing Nature of Work

February 2020

This report presents the World Bank’s new Human Capital Index, which measures the consequences of neglecting investments in human capital in terms ...

Getting to equal 2019: Creating a culture that drives innovation

January 2020

Business leaders play an important role in closing gender gaps in the workplace. Creating a culture of equality can unlock human potential and ...

The CS Gender 3000 in 2019: The changing face of companies

January 2020

The CS Gender 3000 in 2019 report presents analysis of data on the gender mix of the executive teams of over 3,000 companies stretching across 56 countries ...

Diversity and Inclusion Report: Gender in YouTube Advertising

January 2020

Google, in partnership with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media (GDIGM), released a report that presents an analysis of gender and ...

Global Gender Gap Report 2020

December 2019

The Global Gender Gap Report measures gaps between men and women across four key indicators: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Health and Survival, Educational ...

Unlocking the Potential of Frontier Finance

September 2019

This report assesses key features of frontier finance impact investments and finds significant opportunity for making an impact in this sector.

Communications and Gender Checklist: Things to Consider

July 2019

This short guide outlines tips for how to apply a gender and inclusion lens while developing and reviewing communications materials.

State of the Worlds Fathers 2019: Unlocking the Power of Men’s Care

June 2019

The third State of the World’s Fathers report reveals new research on men’s caregiving from 11 countries, with additional cross-country analysis of ...

Women in Business and Management 2019: The business case for change

May 2019

This report shows that gender diversity is a smart business strategy: the lack of gender diversity may act as a barrier to enhanced ...

AdReaction: Getting Gender Right

March 2019

This report delivers new insights into the role of gender in brand strategy, creative response and media targeting, and includes analysis of consumer ...

Moving toward gender balance in private equity and venture capital

March 2019

This report explores the link between financial returns and gender diversity; the lack of women in the industry; and steps needed to achieve ...

Work for a Brighter Future Report 2018

January 2019

This report portrays the urgency of the changes that the world of work is facing, and provides ideas on how to manage and ...

The Global Gender Gap Index Report 2018

December 2018

This report benchmarks national gender gaps on economic, education, health and political criteria, and provides country rankings that allow for effective comparisons across ...

Care work and care jobs for the future of decent work

June 2018

This report takes a comprehensive look at unpaid and paid care work and its relationship with the changing world of work. A key ...

Still looking for room at the top: Ten years of research on women in the workplace

March 2018

The article provides an overview of McKinsey’s research in the last 10 years on women in the workplace. It presents a strong business ...

Entrepreneurship Development Interventions for Women Entrepreneurs

February 2018

This report presents key findings of interventions promoting small and medium enterprises as a means to create more and better jobs.

The Global Gender Gap Report 2017

November 2017

The report benchmarks 144 countries on their progress towards gender parity and provides country rankings that allow for effective comparisons across regions and income ...

Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur: A literature review

July 2017

This report undertakes a review of the literature on entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur, with a focus on understanding how levels of economic development ...

State of the World’s Fathers 2017: Time for Action

June 2017

This report presents a global overview of trends related to equal caregiving and provides a synthesis of global data sources on related topics ...

World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends for women 2017

June 2017

This report examines the global and regional labour market trends and gaps, including in labour force participation rates, unemployment rates, employment status as ...

Feminism And Gender Equality Around The World

March 2017

This report provides an overview of the state of feminism and gender equality around the world based on survey results from across 24 countries.

Towards a better future for women and work: Voices of women and men

March 2017

This report provides a first-ever account of global attitudes and perceptions of women and men regarding women and work, based on the 2016 Gallup ...

Closing the gender pay gap: A review of the issues, policy mechanisms and international evidence

December 2016

This report reviews the key issues, policy mechanisms and international evidence with respect to closing the gender pay gap. The core focus is ...

The CS Gender 3000: The Reward for Change

September 2016

This report explores the link that exists between diversity and improved business performance, and the measures the progress made on structural changes and ...

Getting to Equal: How Digital is Helping Close the Gender Gap at Work

June 2016

This report examines the extent to which men and women have adopted and embraced digital technologies, and the influence that has had on ...

Women at Work Trends 2016

March 2016

This report provides the latest data on women’s position in labour markets, examines the factors behind these trends and explores the policy ...

The motherhood pay gap: A review of the issues, theory and international evidence

March 2015

This report provides a detailed review of the issues, theory and evidences around the pay gap between mothers and non-mothers, and between mothers ...

Social Institutions & Gender Index 2014 Synthesis Report

November 2014

This report ranks 108 countries according to the level of discrimination against women and girls in social institutions and gives examples of the correlations ...

Maternity Protection in SMEs: An international review

October 2014

This review provides a detailed analysis of the key international literature on the outcomes of maternity protection in small and medium-sized enterprises, and ...

Is Gender Diversity Profitable? Evidence from a Global Survey

February 2016

This report examines the impact of gender diversity on corporate performance. It uses a global dataset of firms to analyse this correlation.

A look at the #GenderPayGap history from the International Labour Organization! #ItStartswithEqual #InvestinWomen

March 2018

The gender gap in employment: What’s holding women back? Around the world, finding a job is much tougher for women than it ...

Women’s Economic Empowerment Framework

January 2018

This report provides a framework for monitoring Investing in Women’s contribution to the goal of accelerating women’s economic empowerment in Southeast ...

Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur: A literature review

July 2017

This report undertakes a review of the literature on entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur, with a focus on understanding how levels of economic development ...

Voices of women in entrepreneurship

July 2017

This report examines the nature of women’s entrepreneurship, and the characteristics and challenges that are specific to women entrepreneurs.

Gender diversity in corporate governance

February 2017

This report highlights key research findings on gender diversity in corporate governance, and explores opportunities to improve women’s participation on boards.

Gender equality and empowerment – key concepts

January 2017

This report explores key concepts around gender equality and empowerment, emphasising the dual importance of gender equality policies and an enabling institutional environment.

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