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Unlocking the Potential of Frontier Finance

Unlocking the Potential of Frontier Finance

Unlocking the Potential of Frontier Finance assesses key features of frontier finance impact investments and finds significant opportunity for making an impact in this sector.

Based on analysis of 40 frontier finance transactions, 10 interviews, and a workshop discussion with 39 investors and other ecosystem players, this report uncovers significant financial and impact motivations for entering the space and identifies recommendations to scale the market to achieve global development goals.

Specifically, the report includes an overview of the frontier finance investment landscape, presents five in-depth case studies featuring frontier investment vehicles and transactions, and provides recommendations to build the market and overcome common challenges hindering the flow of additional capital into frontier markets.


  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
    • Motivations for this report
    • Definitions
    • Methodology
  • Sample overview
    • Investor overview
    • Investor motivations for frontier finance activities
    • Investment overview
  • Financial targets & results
    • Financial targets
    • Financial results
    • Financial risk
  • Systemic change
    • Systemic change objectives
    • Systemic change results
  • Challenges
  • Recommendations
  • Case studies
    • FINCA Ventures
    • Mercy Corps Ventures – Social Venture Fund
    • PG Impact Investments AG
    • Omnivore investment into Skymet Weather Services
    • DOEN Foundation Investment into SunTransfer
  • Appendix 1. List of participants
  • Appendix 2. Literature reviewed

Source: Global Impact Investing Network

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