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SEAF’s Gender Equality Scorecard




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Gender equality Impact Investing SEAF GENDER EQUALITY SCORECARD GES

SEAF’s Gender Equality Scorecard

SEAF’s Gender Equality Scorecard

SEAF (Small Enterprise Assistance Funds) is an independent organisation specialising in the sponsorship and management of investment funds targeting growth-oriented, emerging enterprises located in countries underserved by traditional sources of capital. To achieve meaningful and measurable impact results and positive financial returns, it  provides entrepreneurs in emerging markets with the capital, knowledge and networks they need to grow their businesses. SEAF is a core impact investing partner of Investing in Women.

SEAF’s Gender Equality Scorecard (GES) is a tool for assessing women’s economic empowerment and gender equality within investment opportunities and portfolio companies. It serves the following purposes:

  • As a screening tool to identify companies already demonstrating a commitment to gender equality
  • As a tool to assess portfolio companies’ level of demonstrated gender equality in order to improve it over the investment hold period, as a value creation activity
  • As a guideline to develop SEAF’s best practices in the implementation of its gender improvement plans across the underlying parameters of each gender equality vectors
  • As a mechanism to leverage the data derived from the tool as it is applied across its gender lens portfolio to support the analysis of the impact of improving gender equality on increasing investment returns for investors, and thus validating SEAF’s investment thesis


SEAF uses the Gender Equality Scorecard to demonstrate that its portfolio companies can provide appropriate financial returns and measurable impact, including women being economically empowered through investment and development activities. GES  is based on six gender vectors, namely

  • Pay equity
  • Workforce participation
  • Benefits & professional development
  • Leadership & governance
  • Workplace environment
  • Women-powered value chains


Visit SEAF’s official website for more info on the Gender Equality Scorecard. 

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