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The missing perspectives of women in COVID-19 news

The missing perspectives of women in COVID-19 news

Commissioned by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this report examines women’s representation in COVID-19 newsgathering and news coverage in India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, the U.K. and the U.S., and points out the missing perspectives of women in COVID-19 news.

It uncovers a substantial bias towards men’s perspectives in both newsgathering and news coverage of the pandemic, spanning across all regions. This bias operates against a backdrop of women’s political underrepresentation in the COVID-19 response in these countries, as well as the unique socioeconomic, health and psychological challenges that women face globally.

The absence of women’s perspectives in COVID-19-related news coverage means that women have limited influence over the framing of the crisis in the news and consequently, limited influence over policy decisions. As a result, women are at ever-greater risk of being further marginalised amid the most significant global health crisis of our lifetimes.

    • Project background, objectives and approach
    • Contributors
    • Executive summary
  • PART 1: The Context
    • Chapter 1: The burden of COVID-19/coronavirus on women
    • Chapter 2: Women’s differing consumption of news about COVID-19/coronavirus
  • PART 2: The Unheard and Underreported Voices of Women in News about COVID-19/coronavirus
    • Chapter 1: The missing women experts in COVID-19/coronavirus news
    • Chapter 2: The invisible women protagonists in COVID-19/coronavirus news coverage
    • Chapter 3: The absent gender equality coverage in the COVID-19 story
  • PART 3: Reflections on the Dominant and Emerging Frames about Coronavirus in the News
    • The importance of frames in the news
    • Dominant and emerging COVID-19/coronavirus frames focused around defining the problem
    • COVID-19/coronavirus news frames likely to support policies benefiting women
    • Other news frames focusing on the causes of or solutions to COVID-19
  • PART 4: Amplifying Women’s Voices in COVID-19 News Coverage: Recommendations Redressing the Dominant Male Bias
    • News angles within the COVID-19/coronavirus story which are important to women
    • Report recommendations for news providers
  • Bibliography
  • APPENDIX 1: Methodology and Background of Key Sources and Analyses
  • APPENDIX 2: Statistical Tables
  • APPENDIX 3: Frames Analyses

This report was originally published on the International Women’ Media Foundation’ website.

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