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Investing in Women: New Evidence for the Business Case

International Finance Corporation




Impact Investing Workplace Gender Equality

Investing in Women: New Evidence for the Business Case

Investing in Women: New Evidence for the Business Case

The Investing in Women: New Evidence for the Business Case report, published by the International Finance Corporation, demonstrates how International Finance Corporation clients, including banks and agribusiness companies, have benefited from developing and implementing gender-smart solutions.

The report demonstrates that business rationale for gender-smart solutions is diverse and wide-reaching. Diversity can improve talent pipelines, strengthen market development, and build an enabling investment climate. By considering the full scope of the business case, companies can unlock opportunities for increased profit, growth, and innovation.

This report supports the business case by highlighting quantitative evidence and best-practice examples from International Finance Corporation’s global clients and partners. These cases demonstrate how companies can implement targeted solutions with their employees, entrepreneurs, customers, and community stakeholders.

The case studies featured in this report illustrate that the business case for closing gender gaps can deliver a surprising array of benefits, including an agribusiness that was able to identify an annual $1.58 million in additional income, a group of female digital financial services entrepreneurs that increased company transaction rates by 12 percent, and a bank that increased the number of women small and medium enterprise borrowers by 82 percent in its first year by targeting women.


  • Executive Summary
    • Case Studies Overview
  • The business case for gender-smart solutions in the private sector
    • Snapshot: ILO/IFC Better Work Program
  • Employees
    • Key Insights
    • Snapshot: SheWorks Partnership
    • Case Study 1: Reducing Employee Absenteeism and Turnover in Solomon Islands
    • Case Study 2: NCS Drives Women’s Leadership in Papua New Guinea
    • Case Study 3: Catalysing Change at a Chemical Plant in India
  • Entrepreneurs
    • Key Insights
    • Snapshot: Coffee Supply Chains
    • Case Study 4: Lighting the Way for Solar Products in India
    • Case Study 5: Creating Digital Banking Connections in the Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Case Study 6: Boyner Group’s Supply Chain Strengthens Women in Business in Turkey
  • Customers
    • Key Insights
    • Snapshot: Segmenting the Insurance Market
    • Case Study 7: Designing for Women Pays Dividends at BLC Bank
    • Case Study 8: “Women-Centred Design” helps Banco BHD León Grow its. Market in the Dominican Republic
  • Community stakeholders
    • Key Insights
    • Snapshot: Using Transportation Infrastructure to Address Gender-Based Violence in Brazil
    • Snapshot: IFC Environmental and Social Sustainability Standards
    • Case Study 9: Addressing Gender-Based Violence with Companies in Papua New Guinea
  • Conclusions & insights
  • End notes

This report was originally published on the International Finance Corporation website.

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