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Impact Investing in Asia: Overcoming Barriers to Scale

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Impact Investing in Asia: Overcoming Barriers to Scale

Impact Investing in Asia: Overcoming Barriers to Scale

Despite the growth in the Asian social investment ecosystem, the development has been uneven and the impact investment industry in this region remains less understood.

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) have collaborated with Oliver Wyman and Marsh & McLennan Insights to explore impact investing in Asia, with a focus on China, India, Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines.

Impact Investing in Asia: Overcoming Barriers to Scale is a useful resource that will help impact investors and key stakeholders in Asia acquire a better understanding of the industry within a regional context. This report provides a snapshot of the experiences and insights of stakeholders from the AVPN network, as well as recommendations on how to further develop the impact investing ecosystem.


  • The rise of impact investing
    • Global trends and driving forces of impact investing
    • Defining global impact investing
    • The challenge in forming an Asian identity
  • The Asian impact investing ecosystem
    • Diverse impact investing landscape in Asia
    • No single framework for impact measurement and management
  • Key challenges in Asia
    • Missing common language for impact
    • Limited regulatory and structural foundation
    • Reality perception gap
    • Lack of an efficient marketplace
    • Nascent supporting ecosystem
  • Call to action – What role can each player take on?
    • How can impact investors increase the visibility of impact investing?
    • How can ecosystem builders help facilitate uptake of IMM frameworks?
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: AVPNS’s deal share
  • References

Source: Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

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